Will you… marry me?

“Will you marry me?”

History was made on the Rock Out Karaoke stage when a local karaoke singer said those words and proposed to his girlfriend in front of a packed house at the 710 Beach Club in San Diego on June 10, 2010.  Brian first gave a stirring performance of Elvis’ “Jailhouse Rock,” complete with hip gyrations, finger pointing, sneering, and of course, great vocals.  He definitely had the crowd’s attention after an awesome performance.  When he asked his girlfriend, Limh, to join him on stage, we knew something was a-brewin’.

Like any gentleman, Brian took a knee and produced a shiny object in a small black box.  He sealed his fate and entered the annals of Rock Out Karaoke history when he asked simply, “Will you marry me?”  Limh said yes and the crowd went into a frenzy.  Exiting the stage, they got plenty of high fives and probably a couple of drinks on the house.

In all the excitement, we failed to get a quality photo of the event.  Here’s a fuzzy depiction of the scene that night just so you know we’re not making all this up.

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Glad to have our friend Mookie and the 91x crew in the house to witness what was an awesome turn of events.  It has been noted by one Rock Out Karaoke fan that since the proposal happened on our stage, we become the wedding band by default.  Sounds good to us!  Best wishes to Brian and Limh – keep on rocking!

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