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San Diego’s best live band karaoke is all over the internet:  blogging, Facebook, Yelp!, YouTube, and even Twitter.  You might wonder why we spend time on all this stuff.  Sure, we need a website (or in our case a WordPress blog) and Facebook makes sense for us to post our pictures, but what about Twitter?  Lots of folks have pretty big misconceptions about what Twitter really is and how it is useful.  Have you heard these before?

“Isn’t that just for teeny boppers?”

“Why do I care what you had for lunch?”

Fact is, most Twitter users are old (insert reliable, well-cited statistic here).  And while a few people are sharing what they had for lunch, many more are actually sharing great ideas, websites, and in this case, events.

Thursday, October 28th marked the first (hopefully of many) “Tweetup” with Rock Out Karaoke.  A Tweetup is a meetup for folks on Twitter.  Now I’ve been to a few of these before, and it’s always pretty neat to find someone who knows your name, logo, and online persona but has never met you in person.

We had the chance last week to not only meet some of our “tweeps” at this particular 710 Beach Club show, but we had a great time when they joined us on stage for some great live band karaoke!

The event was inspired by @gingeranderson (a Twitter “handle” always begins with @) after an ongoing conversation about the TV show Glee.  Ginger created the incredibly user-friendly invitation and response website using Tweetvite – an easy way to spread the word about events, register, and let others know you’re coming.

Those in attendance included @californiakara, @nataliewardel (the artist formerly known as @mrsnatalie), @iizliz, @babyblooze (those last two may or may not be the same person), @sugarjones, @socalsally … notice a pattern here?  They’re all women!  I think there were a couple of token guys there, husbands and whatnot, but who really pays attention to dudes anyway?  Ok, fine, thanks to @dannyboy72, @babyface_GM (our Tweep from waaaay back when), and the other husbands/arm candy for coming as well!  Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

We even got a couple of sweet blog mentions from Sugar and Natalie afterward.  Be sure to subscribe to both of their blogs – great reading on a variety of topics.  Also, here’s a video of Natalie’s husband and one of Kara rocking it on stage with us!

It was pretty cool to finally meet some of these folks in person and even more fun knowing that they enjoyed the show.  Here’s hoping the #sdrockout Tweetup becomes a monthly event!  Thanks, Twitter.  You can be our friend…

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