PB Idol Is Back!

Remember PB Idol? Yes, that one. The only live band karaoke competition in San Diego? Well, it’s back! Again.

Beginning on January 15 and continuing for eight weeks, you’ll have the chance to compete for more than $500 in cash and prizes! Each Thursday, the contest will feature up to 8 singers aiming for a spot in the PB Idol Finals in early April (exact date TBD). Each weekly winner will win a 710 Beach Club gift certificate and the finalists will win cash prizes for first, second, and third place.

chrisSingers will be judged by an independent panel on three factors:

  1. Vocal performance
  2. Stage presence
  3. Crowd noise + applause

To enter, please email the event organizers at pbidol@710bc.com. Please include three (Thursday) dates you would be able to compete in the preliminary rounds. You will be contacted by email to let you know the date for your prelim round. Please address any questions about the competition to this email address (not to the band).

Remember, this singing competition is for fun and bragging rights (and some cold, hard cash of course!), and the band is not in charge of who sings which night or ANY aspect of the judging. We’re just there to support you in your quest to become the next PB Idol!

Rock Out Karaoke is San Diego’s most dynamic live music performance group, combining the raw power of a live rock band with the fun of audience participation, where individual singers take center stage with the live band! Complete with lyrics displayed on a monitor in real-time with the music, nothing is missing from this unique karaoke show!

ROK Supports AJ’s Kids Crane

When we were asked to support AJ’s Kids Crane this year, there was literally no discussion. Of course we would love to participate in this annual event where a local radio DJ (AJ Machado of Energy 103.7FM) literally lives atop a crane in the Ikea parking lot in San Diego for an entire week. The event is held each year to support Rady Children’s Hospital San Diego.

AJ's Crane

Naturally, we were even more excited when they announced we’d be the backing band for a karaoke competition.

As if that wasn’t enough, they also let us know that there would be several of San Diego’s finest food trucks in attendance that evening as well. Heaven.

If you weren’t able to join us, you totally missed out. The winner of the karaoke competition took home a sweeeeeet Sony 4K TV for being the best singer. See? It pays to be a ROK fan, so thanks to those of you who came out to participate!

Be sure to tag us in your online photos + videos if you were there!

More Holiday Karaoke Fun: San Diego Reader

When one of the most respected and widely read publications in San Diego first called Rock Out Karaoke to play their staff holiday party, we were certainly excited.  I mean, these are some of the most influential people in the region: writers, editors, bloggers for the San Diego Reader — they all have opinions and they have the forum to share those opinions.  We knew we would have to make a great first impression.

Our friends at the House of Blues set us up in the Delta Room, a private space that is great for these types of events (probably holds around 100 people comfortably).  It’s got a lot of great seating (read: cushy couches) and, of course, has its own private bar.  On this particular night, Reel Big Fish was playing in the music hall, so the party guests had access to that concert as well.  From what we can tell, they all opted to stay close and rock out with us instead.

We cranked up the volume and it was on!  Talk about a karaoke crowd – these guys pulled out everything from Lynyrd Skynyrd to the Proclaimers, complete with props and costumes!  The free-flowing open bar helped warm up their vocal cords, and by the end of the night everyone was singing along.  I think it’s safe to say we NAILED IT, but of course we couldn’t have done it without help from the fun-loving staff from the Reader.  Many thanks – and we hope to see you all again next year!

Rock Out Karaoke is San Diego’s most dynamic and interactive cover band, combining the raw power of a live rock band with the fun of karaoke, where individual singers take center stage with the live band! Complete with lyrics displayed on a monitor in real-time with the music, nothing is missing from this unique karaoke show!  Call us today, and let’s talk about how we can make your next event one for the ages.

Comic-Con 2011 Heats Up

San Diego is always buzzing this time of year, and not just because of Rock Out Karaoke.  Summer marks the arrival of epic events like the San Diego County Fair, the Del Mar horse races, and of course, the annual Comic-Con International.  This year our fans will have two chances to sing karaoke with the band during Comic-Con.  First, of course, is our regular weekly show at the House of Blues on Wednesday night from 7-10pm.

Special bonus:  we got tapped by our friends at TechKaraoke to play our one-of-a-kind live band karaoke show Saturday night during Comic-Con.  Read on for more details.

In case you haven’t heard, Comic-Con is one of San Diego’s signature events – bringing crowds of over 100,000 from all over the world.  Movie buffs, video gamers, comic collectors, and entertainment junkies descend on the San Diego Convention Center every year to celebrate all things even remotely related to comics.  Comic-Con 2011 is July 21-24.

Here’s the scoop on when and where we’ll play:

When: Saturday July 23, 2011 8pm – 2am

Where: 97 Horton / Westfield Horton Plaza

Who: Open to ALL Comic-Con Attendees/San Diego locals. RSVP REQUIRED.

What: Caped and masked crusaders singing, dancing, and networking is only the beginning…

Last we heard, there were only a handful of tickets left for this event (literally) and you must register and print your ticket to get in.  This event is open to the public.

We’re hoping to see you on stage with us at Comic-Con this year, rocking your favorite live band karaoke tunes!

Special thanks to our sponsor, Twonky for hooking this one up!

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House of Blues

That’s right!  Unlike the NFL, we can successfully negotiate a mutually beneficial contract – sorta what we like to call a win-win-win.  You win, since you get to take the stage with us at the legendary House of Blues San Diego. HOB wins, since they get to hear all our great singers week after week.  We win, because we get to see your smiling faces at a new venue.


Starting in May (and hopefully lasting throughout the summer and beyond), we’ll be at the House of Blues every Wednesday from 7pm til 10pm.

san diego karaoke band


Cruise on over to our show calendar for a complete listing of when and where we play.