12 Steps to a Better Me

San Diego girl to-do list including no drugs and no calling of the ex-boyfriendSo this doesn’t really have much to do with San Diego karaoke, live band karaoke, wedding music or anything else Rock Out Karaoke has our hands in, but it was simply too good to pass up.  A friend of ours found this list in a beach bar in San Diego and promptly posted it on her fridge (and on Facebook).  While we could have just posted this on the Rock Out Karaoke Facebook page and left it at that, we decided to dissect this little gem line by line.  Behold: the Pacific Beach to-do list.

The first item on this glorious list is to, “never call Landon again.”  This dude must be trouble.  Follow that with, “delete # tomorrow.”  Interesting that this line item has already been crossed off.  Perhaps she’s already deleted… or maybe, just maybe she had a change of heart and can’t bring herself to do it.  The third item reads, “no more talking about him ever.”  We assume that she’s still talking about Landon.  What a special guy to have a full 25% of this girl’s list dedicated to him.

Now on to the part that reminds us of MTV reality sensation Jersey Shore.  Items 4-6: “tan, whiten teeth, get hair done.”  Sounds good, but where’s the gym and laundry?

The second half of her list seems a little tougher to accomplish – at least for her.

To-do #7: “No Moondoggies for 3 more weeks.”  Why the self-imposed exile from one of PB’s most popular bars?  Perhaps Landon works there. Maybe he’s a regular.  More likely, that’s where they first embraced and danced to the latest top 4o hits, surrounded by drunk, sweaty college kids.  We can only imagine.  And if it’s 3 more weeks, how long has this been going on already?

Item #8: “Sex with Chris only.”  Chris must feel like a lucky guy.  Second choice to Landon, but at least he’s ahead of everyone else in San Diego.

Follow this with #9: “No blow.”  Mmmm.  Simple enough, but something tells us this will be the hardest item to accomplish on the list.

#10 – “Narcos only @ work.”  How bad is this chick’s job that she has to be on “narcos” to survive the work day?

#11 – “Drinking only 4x a week.”  Don’t know if you’ve heard honey, but too much drinking can be hazardous to your health, and might lead to the unwanted calling of Landon (and/or sex with someone other than Chris).

And finally, #12: “New clothes.”  If she’s drinking only four times a week and banging Chris exclusively, why spend money on new gear?  We guess a little retail therapy never hurt anyone.

Quite a to-do list, girl.  We’re sure Mom and Dad are proud.  We’re certainly glad to know that you haunt the same neighborhood that we call home.

Consider this an official invitation to join us on stage for live band karaoke on any Thursday night at the 710 Beach Club – right down the street from Moondoggies (since you can’t go there anyway).  What the hell, bring Landon too!

Special thanks to our Facebook friends for sharing this note found in a purse in PB.  What a gem and it looks so good on your fridge.

As Twitter follower @MFooteChargerSD said so eloquently, “Aww, I wonder if without the reminder she’ll end up coked out with Landon, dirty teeth & old clothes?”  Join the conversation and give us your thoughts on this list:  @rockoutkaraoke.

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