Looking for Love

When I first stumbled upon the karaoke gold below, I was pretty amazed and amused at the video personal ad.  A little further investigation revealed an entire YouTube channel dedicated to this guy and his favorite hobby – singing karaoke.  There are so many things we could say about this, but the videos pretty much speak for themselves.  In case you’re wondering, this guy is a great demonstration of how to own the karaoke stage as explained in our blog post last week.

In his own words,
“i am a 45 y/o karaoke singer from the Sacramento area looking for a woman to go out and sing some songs with. i would like to try working on some duets because that would be fun.
if you are a woman between the ages of 37 and 47 and are interested in calling me after viewing the video you can call me at…”

Here’s another one with a demo of his superb karaoke skills:

Think we should add some Steve Winwood to the Rock Out Karaoke song list?

And finally, in case you’re interested in hearing a 12-minute monologue (and a little singing) on life, love, and this guy’s killer karaoke gear setup.

“Doing this beats sitting there with all the other losers at the old-time, world famous, neon dive bar while they warble their way through Sweet Caroline, Don’t Stop Believing, Before He Cheats… I could go on, but I don’t want to waste your time or mine. I’m trying to make my life into a work of art, so I can have the spiritual peace of mind to go about the “mundanity” that is my life.” (Notice that the three songs he mentions are some of our top picks!).

So maybe this fella needs to go back to rehab for a while.  Or quite possibly, he’s simply a hopeless romantic.  We’ve already seen an on-stage wedding proposal this year, so who’s to say he can’t find love at a karaoke bar?  Too bad this guy isn’t in San Diego or else we’d invite him to take the stage with Rock Out Karaoke anytime.  Maybe we can take up a collection at our next show to buy this guy a plane ticket from Sac-town..

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