dancing daveIt is with great sadness that I’m announcing my departure from Rock Out Karaoke and San Diego.

Since September of 2009 I have played over 180 shows with Rock Out Karaoke.  That’s probably around 7,200 songs and just as many high fives.  Counting all the duets, drunken groups of bridesmaids, and dancing bananas, I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with possibly close to 10,000 karaoke singers (with just a few repeats and regulars) in the past two and a half years.

I want to thank all the musicians that I have played with in ROK over the years: Skip, Rob R., Mike, Rob W, Matt, Pants, Shawn, Paulo, and Colin.  You guys are awesome and make playing music what it’s supposed to be…Fun!

Equally important, I want to thank all the wonderful people that brave the Rock Out Karaoke stage every week.  Without you, we’re just another cover band.  My favorite day of the week without a doubt is Thursday because I get to share the stage with you all.  I will miss you all dearly.  Keep on ROK’ing!

My last official show is March 15th, but watch out for some special guest appearances in April!

Bass Dave

Editor’s Note:  We’ll definitely miss Dancing Dave’s stage antics week after week. Dave’s arrival in the band came at a pivotal time, as Bass Rob was busy having kids.  Dave was undoubtedly a huge reason why we were able to continue performing week after week — and even growing the number of gigs we play each year.  Dave  was literally the backbone of the band, shouldering the majority of the load with a smile (and usually a PBR or two).  Most of all, Dave is an incredible friend to all of us.  We all wish you the best and hope to share the stage with you again soon.

Bass Dave Got His Own Night!

9 thoughts on “We Love Us Some Bass Dave

  1. We’ll miss you, Bass Dave, but we all wish you the best on your new adventure with lovely Mrs. Bass Dave! 🙂

  2. Who I am going to rock out with at the begaining of Paranoid? We had a connection me and you and could rock randomly with each other without a single word. I will be there on the 15 to rock out one more time with you.

  3. Bass Dave, I will miss watching your performances, your little dance routines, and your air jumps. You have so much energy each and every week on stage! I hope you come back and visit regularly and get back on stage 🙂  

  4. Thanks for always making us feel comfortable on the stage.. us regulars especially will miss you..you are truly a talented musician and hope you keep it up in the great state of Virginia..good luck…

  5. We will miss you so much Dave but I am glad I got to meet such an amazing musician. Hope Virginia treats you well and know you always have a home here in SD! Safe travels and visit often!!!

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