PB Idol Is Back!

Remember PB Idol? Yes, that one. The only live band karaoke competition in San Diego? Well, it’s back! Again.

Beginning on January 15 and continuing for eight weeks, you’ll have the chance to compete for more than $500 in cash and prizes! Each Thursday, the contest will feature up to 8 singers aiming for a spot in the PB Idol Finals in early April (exact date TBD). Each weekly winner will win a 710 Beach Club gift certificate and the finalists will win cash prizes for first, second, and third place.

chrisSingers will be judged by an independent panel on three factors:

  1. Vocal performance
  2. Stage presence
  3. Crowd noise + applause

To enter, please email the event organizers at pbidol@710bc.com. Please include three (Thursday) dates you would be able to compete in the preliminary rounds. You will be contacted by email to let you know the date for your prelim round. Please address any questions about the competition to this email address (not to the band).

Remember, this singing competition is for fun and bragging rights (and some cold, hard cash of course!), and the band is not in charge of who sings which night or ANY aspect of the judging. We’re just there to support you in your quest to become the next PB Idol!

Rock Out Karaoke is San Diego’s most dynamic live music performance group, combining the raw power of a live rock band with the fun of audience participation, where individual singers take center stage with the live band! Complete with lyrics displayed on a monitor in real-time with the music, nothing is missing from this unique karaoke show!

Four Years!

Hard to believe it’s been almost four years we’ve been melting faces with you at the 710 Beach Club every Thursday.  It’s pretty amazing when we take a look back to early 2009, when the band was just five members: Colin and Rob (splitting lead guitar), John (rhythm guitar), Rob (bass), and Eric (drums).

Soon after we’d add the wild antics of Bass Dave (um…bass), Stoltz (stunt guitar is his official title), and Matt (drums, charming wit).  Then along comes Paulo (geetar), Bass Andy and Drums Shawn.  We can’t forget our incredible hosts: Carlos, Chris, Joe, Antonio!

Are we missing anyone?  Ah, yes–YOU, the singers!  You guys made all this possible, so a big thanks to anyone who has ever taken the stage (or come to see someone) with us.

Back in 2009, no one in the band had kids (that we knew of).  Now, we (the royal “we”) have four children (that we know of).  Since 2009, the song list has grown from about 60 tunes to our current list of about 200.  And we won’t even start to list the growing choreography we keep adding to many of our tunes (lots of kicking, jumping, laying on the ground, wiggling, pelvis-thrusting).

Well, this Thursday, March 7, 2013, we’ll be celebrating our four-year stay at the 710 Beach Club with a big ol’ freakin’ party.

It’s also with mixed emotions that we announce we’re taking a break from Thursday nights at the 710 for a bit, as the club works on going a new direction with their Thursday format.


“I don’t recall saying, ‘Good luck.'”
(Click to play Simpsons clip)

Don’t think for a second that this is goodbye.  We’re actually excited at the chance to see what else is happening out there on Thursdays.  We’re working on securing a new Thursday night home soon, and you can continue to hang with us at JT’s Pub, the SD County Fair, weddings, company parties, and events around town.  Stay tuned for more news on our Facebook page and our email list.

We really cannot thank the 710 management for putting up…er…having us around for all these years, and for all the support — radio ads, drink specials, flyers, chalk boards.  Four years is a long time for any gig in this town.  And a big thanks to the true Oz behind us all:  Sound Guy John, who is the only person to be at every single 710 ROK show.  It’s a true honor to have someone as talented and experienced as Sound Guy John, who has run sound and toured with the likes of Metallica, and about every other band you can think of.

Help us end our four year run at the 710 Beach Club with a bang this Thursday night:  the party to take us home, send us on our way, and help us reach new heights.  Come early for free food, stay all night for drink specials and the ROK fun you’ve come to know and love.

High fives,

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We Love Us Some Bass Dave

dancing daveIt is with great sadness that I’m announcing my departure from Rock Out Karaoke and San Diego.

Since September of 2009 I have played over 180 shows with Rock Out Karaoke.  That’s probably around 7,200 songs and just as many high fives.  Counting all the duets, drunken groups of bridesmaids, and dancing bananas, I’ve been lucky enough to share the stage with possibly close to 10,000 karaoke singers (with just a few repeats and regulars) in the past two and a half years.

I want to thank all the musicians that I have played with in ROK over the years: Skip, Rob R., Mike, Rob W, Matt, Pants, Shawn, Paulo, and Colin.  You guys are awesome and make playing music what it’s supposed to be…Fun!

Equally important, I want to thank all the wonderful people that brave the Rock Out Karaoke stage every week.  Without you, we’re just another cover band.  My favorite day of the week without a doubt is Thursday because I get to share the stage with you all.  I will miss you all dearly.  Keep on ROK’ing!

My last official show is March 15th, but watch out for some special guest appearances in April!

Bass Dave

Editor’s Note:  We’ll definitely miss Dancing Dave’s stage antics week after week. Dave’s arrival in the band came at a pivotal time, as Bass Rob was busy having kids.  Dave was undoubtedly a huge reason why we were able to continue performing week after week — and even growing the number of gigs we play each year.  Dave  was literally the backbone of the band, shouldering the majority of the load with a smile (and usually a PBR or two).  Most of all, Dave is an incredible friend to all of us.  We all wish you the best and hope to share the stage with you again soon.

Bass Dave Got His Own Night!

san diego karaoke competition

PB Idol Karaoke Finals!

After eight weeks of preliminary rounds of the only live band karaoke competition in San Diego, we’ve narrowed it down to eight finalists who will now compete for the crown of PB Idol!

Finals night is Saturday, April 2nd at 9:30pm. Contestants will slug it out on the legendary stage of the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach, CA.

Of course, we’ll have time for the audience to take the stage with us for some good ol’ live band karaoke. Be sure to arrive early to get on the karaoke sign up list.

Since we’ve had such a great run of preliminary rounds, we’re expecting nothing but A game from our 8 finalists – one of whom will take home the title of PB Idol.

Best wishes to all of them: Jessica, Katrina, Amanda, Lou, Ugh, Ryan, Samboa, and Hans. (Note: reigning champion Chris won his round, but is unable to compete in the finals – that means we’ll have a new champ this year.)  Bring your best vocals and a San Diego cheering section, and we’ll see you on Saturday!

Update:  And your PB Idol 2011 winner is…. Ugh!

PB Idol is Back!

Perfectly timed with the start of Season 10 on American Idol, we’re bringing back PB Idol for the spring!  The contest will happen during our regular Thursday night gigs at the 710 Beach Club in Pacific Beach starting on February 3rd. The winner will be crowned during the PB Idol Finals night at 710 Beach Club on April 2.  See our show calendar and details below.  Start warming up those voices!

PB Idol 2009 Finals

Here’s a quick rundown of how it will work:

  • PB Idol begins Feb 3, and runs 8 weeks (ending March 24).   Six contestants per night, two per set, one winner each night.  Finals will be held on Saturday April 2.
  • ROK will take sign-ups for the preliminary rounds here: http://goo.gl/qzHKc (feel free to share the link with others).  Contestants will sign up for a first and second choice date, but not a specific time slot (you will be able to select a time slot and tune the night of your preliminary— first come, first served).  We anticipate all spots will fill up fast, so sign up now to get the date you want.
  • Contestants will be judged in 3 categories:
  • Prizes:  Cash money prizes will be awarded!
  • Misc:
    • Contestants may compete in only one preliminary round.
    • If you sign up for a time slot and don’t show, you won’t be able to sign up a second time.
    • No-show time slots will be filled by others who are present that night (first come/first served)

So who’s ready to show us what you got???

Rock Out Karaoke is San Diego’s most dynamic live music performance group, combining the raw power of a live rock band with the fun of audience participation, where individual singers take center stage with the live band! Complete with lyrics displayed on a monitor in real-time with the music, nothing is missing from this unique karaoke show!